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Gurrumba Gurrumba clan, Ganalbiŋu language, Yirritja moiety

Blurry photograph of a person sitting on the ground and creating an artwork.


Bulunbulun was a renowned healer and ceremonial singer as well as a major painter of his generation. He was one of the first Yolŋu artists to become a professional printmaker. In the 1970s he collaborated with his kinsman George Milpurrurru and the anthropologist Joseph Reser on a study of traditional Yolŋu housing.

In 1993 Bulunbulun led a group of Yolŋu performers to Ujung Pandang (Makassar) in Sulawesi to stage a ceremony, Marayarr Murrukundja, that re-established relations between the Ganalbiŋu and the Makasar. His work has been included in several seminal exhibitions of Aboriginal art, including Aratjara, which toured Europe in 1993–94.

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