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Djalama clan, Kunwinjku language, Yirridjdja moiety

Jimmy Nakkurridjdjilmi Nganjmirra
Jimmy Nakkurridjdjilmi Nganjmirra. Photographer unknown

About 1917–1982

Jimmy Nganjmirra was the younger brother of Bobby Barrdjaray and father of Robin (1951–1991) and Thompson (born 1954). He lived away from townships, preferring his traditional lands at Malworn and Kumarrderr.

Jimmy Nganjmirra commenced painting in the public arena in about 1960 and his work is held in several major public collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and the National Gallery of Australia.

He was represented in Kunwinjku Bim at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1984; The Continuing Tradition at the National Gallery of Australia in 1989; and Keepers of the Secrets at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in 1990.

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