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Galwanuk clan, Liyagalawumirr language, Dhuwa moiety

Dawidi - click to view larger image
Dawidi. Photo: JA Davidson

About 1921–1970

Dawidi inherited the role of ritual leader of the Liyagalawumirr when his father, Yilkari Kitani, died in 1956. Too inexperienced to assume full responsibility for the role at the time, he was aided by his uncle, Tom Djäwa, and was tutored in art by Dhawadanygulili (1900–1976) until about 1963.

Dawidi’s major subject is the Wägilak Sisters story, and the paintings in this exhibition reflect his artistic maturity. He featured prominently in the exhibition The Painters of the Wagilag Sisters Story 1937–97 at the National Gallery of Australia in 1997. He is represented in major public collections in Los Angeles, Paris and Basel, as well as within Australia.

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