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Dhalwaŋu clan, Yirritja moiety

Birrikitji Gumana  - click to view larger image
Birrikitji Gumana. Photo: JA Davidson

About 1890–1982

Birrikitji was a ŋurrudawalaŋu — a renowned warrior — and a respected ritual and community leader.

His favourite painting subjects were the major Yirritja ancestors Barama and Lany’tjung. Birrikitji was one of the Yirritja painters of the Yirrkala Church Panels (1963).

Major exhibitions to feature his work include: Art of the Dreamtime, Tokyo, in 1966; Dreamings at the Asia Society Galleries, New York, in 1988; Spirit in Land at the National Gallery of Victoria, and Keepers of the Secrets at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, both in 1990; and Yirrkala Artists: Everywhen at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in 2009.

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