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Djarrankuykuy clan, Djambarrpuyŋu language, Dhuwa moiety

Black and white photograph portrait of a man. - click to view larger image


Binyinyuwuy was a consummate, prolific and influential artist of high ritual authority, which gave him the rights to paint an array of subjects belonging to his moiety, the Dhuwa, and those of the Yirritja.

He was a driving force among the group of artists on Milingimbi during the 1960s, which included Tom Djäwa and David Malangi.

His work forms part of a number of celebrated collections, including those of the major state art museums, the Arnott’s Collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, museums in Paris and Basel, and the Kluge-Ruhe Collection at the University of Virginia.

All these bark paintings are part of the National Museum of Australia’s collection. © the artist or the artist’s estate, licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency 2013, unless otherwise specified. These images must not be reproduced in any form without permission.

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