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National Titleholders

2000Sheree PrimmerNew South Wales
1999Kathryn HayTasmania
1998Suellen FullerNew South Wales
1997Tracy SecombeSouth Australia
1996Suzan HawardTasmania
1995Margaret TierneyNew South Wales
1994Jayne Bargwanna (Webster)New South Wales
1993Joanne Dick (Cornish)Tasmania
1992Suzanne LeeNorthern Territory
1991Helena WaythVictoria
1990Rebecca NobleSouth Australia
1989Lea DicksonVictoria
1988Caroline LumleyNew South Wales
1987Judith Green (Morrison)Western Australia
1986Tracey Pearson (Dale)New South Wales
1985Maria RidleyNew South Wales
1984Mary-Ann KoznjakNew South Wales
1983Lisa Cornelius (Jedynak)South Australia
1982Jenny Coupland (Martin)New South Wales
1981Leanne Dick (Cockerell)Queensland
1980Eleanor Morton (Duff)South Australia
1979Anne Sneddon (Mitchell)Queensland
1978Gloria KropeVictoria
1977Francene Maras (Wardrope)Western Australia
1976Sharon Betty (Anderson)South Australia
1975Kerry Doyle (Harfield)New South Wales
1974Randy Baker (Hendrie)Western Australia
1973Michelle Downes (Taylor)Victoria
1972Gay Walker (Clarke)Queensland
1971June Wright (Markwell)Western Australia
1970Rhonda Iffland (Horsley)New South Wales
1969Suzanne McClelland (Maple Brown)Western Australia
1968Helen Newton (Bonner)Queensland
1967Margaret Rohan (Kelly)South Australia
1966Sue GallieNew South Wales
1965Carole Jackson (Crommelin)Western Australia
1964Jan Taylor (McGrath)Queensland
1963Year of title changed to that of year following crowning: eg Jan Taylor crowned at the end of 1963, becomes Miss Australia (for) 1964. 
1962Tricia Reschke (Schooley)South Australia
1961Tania Verstak (Young)New South Wales
1960Rosemary Fenton (Sinclair)New South Wales
1959Joan StanburyWestern Australia
1958Pamela McKay (Thyer)Queensland
1957Helen Wood (Cooper)Queensland
1956June Finlayson (Lisa Montagu)New South Wales
1955Maureen Kistle (Lady Schubert)Queensland
1954Shirley Bliss (Ryan)New South Wales
1953Maxine MorganNew South Wales
1950–52No national competition 
1949Margaret HughesNew South Wales
1948Beryl James (Cassel)New South Wales
1947Judy Gainford (Morrison)New South Wales
1946Rhondda Kelly (Ullman)Queensland
1937Sheila MartinNew South Wales
1927Phyllis Von AlwynTasmania
1926Beryl MillsWestern Australia
1908Alice BuckridgeVictoria
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