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Long-distance cycling

Long-distance cycling

Traversing the continent

Since the 1870s, generations of bicycle-riding explorers, adventurers and athletes have tested their wills, bodies and machines against the vast distances of the Australian continent. Some have pushed themselves to the limit for glory, some to earn sponsorship dollars, and others simply because they wanted to get from one place to another.

Exhibition highlights

Freewheeling tells the story of Hubert Opperman, one of Australia's most successful long-distance cyclists, and an international cycling celebrity after his performance in the 1928 Tour de France. The exhibition also profiles contemporary record breakers Peter Heal and Kate Leeming.

  • A black and white photo of Hubert Opperman leading a four-man team through a village during the Tour de France, 1928.
    Hubert Opperman, 1928
  • A blue grey beret
    Hubert Opperman's beret, 1928
  • Greg Cunningham riding a bicycle.
    Greg Cunningham, 2002
  • A recumbent bicycle with carbon fibre tailbox and two different size wheels. The rear wheel is larger and and has a black wheel cover. The pedals are in front of the front wheel. The steering is above seat. The body of the bicycle is black in colour with some bright yellow stripes. The text ' Velokraft ' is orange in colour and is printed on the frame in front of the bike. The orange colour is also on the top of the tailbox.
    Peter Heal's recumbent bike, 2004
  • Colour photograph of a cyclist standing beside a recumbent bicycle. Bondi Beach is visible in the background.
    Peter Heal, 2009
  • Kate Leeming on a bicycle.
    Kate Leeming, 2004
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