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We ride bicycles to school, work and to visit friends; we pedal them across the continent and race them around the world. Here are the bikes on show in Freewheeling.

  • Studio image of a penny-farthing bicycle.
    Harry Clarke's penny-farthing, 1884
  • A ladies' bicycle.
    Marion Sutherland's bicycle, 1910
  •  A metal tricycle painted light blue. It has a broken rusted seat and red handles on the handle bars.The wheels are painted white and have black solid rubber tyres.
    Andrew Gibson's tricycle, 1933
  • Ladies refurbished 'Roadmaster' bicycle. The frame is handpainted in turquoise and navy blue enamel paint, and the mudguards are white. It has a brown leather seat and a silver rack attached to the rear end. Both of the wheels are from a Malvern Star. The rear wheel has lengths of red, white and blue fine cord attached through the mudguard and gathering just above the centre of the wheel; on both sides of the rear wheel. Small reflector on rear wheel guard. Large black bell on right side of the handlebar.
    Reima Miezitis' bike, 1945
  • A yellow bicycle with a beige seat that has a decorative purple and green flower on it with green and purple polka dots. The front and rear fenders are painted white. The paint on the fenders is cracked and flaked exposing the rusted metal below. The bicycle has also rusted and is discoloured throughout.
    Marjorie Bragg's bike, 1950
  • Front left view of a mountain bike with yellow-rimmed tyres. The bike has a pale blue seat and the frame is primarily painted red and dark blue, and the seat is pale blue. The bike frame has several stickers including 'Cannondale' and 'Volvo' on the main frame and 'Fatty' on the front forks.
    Cadel Evans' mountain bike, 1998
  • A recumbent bicycle with carbon fibre tailbox and two different size wheels. The rear wheel is larger and and has a black wheel cover. The pedals are in front of the front wheel. The steering is above seat. The body of the bicycle is black in colour with some bright yellow stripes. The text ' Velokraft ' is orange in colour and is printed on the frame in front of the bike. The orange colour is also on the top of the tailbox.
    Peter Heal's recumbent bike, 2004
  • A red, blue and yellow 'Cannondale' mountain bike. The bike has yellow rimmed wheels and a pale blue seat.
    Cadel Evans' road bike, 2008

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