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Transcript: List of Instruments to be lent

'List of Instruments to be lent by the Board of Longitude for making Astronomical Observations at Botany Bay', November 1786.

An Astronomical Quadrant

A 3 ½ Feet treble Object Glass, Achromatic Telescope, by Dollond, with a Micrometer with Oblique Wires, to be further provided with sliding Tubes to steady the Telescope, and a common Wire Micrometer for measuring Differences of Right Ascension.

One right Glass

An Astronomical Clock

A Journeyman Clock -----------

An Alarum Clock -----------

A Pocket Watch, with a Second hand & Ruby Pallets

An Old Sextant by Ramsden

'A portable Barometer

Two Thermometers

A circular Protractor, with a Glass having Lines on it intersecting each other in the Center

A Beam Compass Scale of Equal Parts

Square ?


Gardiners Logorithims

Copy of Sherwins Logarithims

Copy of Requisite Tables

Copy of the nautical Almanacs from 1787 – 1792 --------

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