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Transcript: List of Instruments

Lieutenant William Dawes' 'List of Instruments proper for making astronomical Observations at Botany Bay' 1786.

List of Instruments proper for making Astronomical Observations at Botany Bay

1. An astronomical Quadrant

2. An Equal Altitude and Transit Instrument in one

3. A 3 ½ feet treble Object Glass Achromatic Telescope by Dollond, with a divided Object Glass Micrometer, and a Micrometer with oblique Wires. [To be further provided with sliding tubes to steady the Telescope [and a common wire Micrometer for measuring Differences of Right Ascension and Declination. [and a small quadrant fixed to it with a short moveable Telescope to take the Distance of any coelestial Object seen thro' the Telescope from bright fixt Stars.

4. [Two one night glasses.

5. An astronomical Clock.

6. A Journeyman Clock.

7. An alarum Clock.

8. Kendall's Watch.

9. A pocket Watch, with a second Hand and ruby Pallets.

10. [A new 10in. Sextant by Ramsden.

11. An old Sextant by Ramsden. Stet__________

12. An old Sextant by Dollond.

A b______ for holding quicksilver for observing double altitudes, with 6 pounds of quicksilver.

13. A portable Barometer.

14. Two Thermometers.

15. A dipping Needle, to be alter'd to use at Sea as well as on Land. [A small variation compass.

16. A Theodolite

17. A Gunter's Chain.

18. [A Case of mathematical Instruments.

19. A Beam Compass Scale of equal Parts.

20. A circular Protractor with a Glass having Lines on it intersecting each other in the Center.

21. A new Tent Observatory, twelve Feet wide.

22. A rising Stool of moveable heighth by means of a Screw.

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