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Research project: Engaging Objects

Henrietta Marrie
Henrietta Marrie, Yidinji Elder, reviews content for Encounters, 2012. Photo: Mike Pickering.

A key part of the Encounters project is the allied 'Engaging Objects' research project. This is a collaboration between the National Museum of Australia, the British Museum and the Australian National University, with the support of the Australian Research Council.

The project offers a unique opportunity to research and document the ways in which museums can work with Indigenous communities to develop innovative and collaborative exhibitions.

The 'Engaging Objects' research collaboration aims to:

  • provide opportunities for Indigenous artists, performers and scholars to work with the British Museum’s collection
  • examine and document the exhibition-making process
  • provide a best-practice example of museums working collaboratively with Indigenous communities.

The 'Engaging Objects' international research team comprises:

  • Professor Howard Morphy, Dr Maria Nugent and Dr John Carty from the Australian National University
  • Dr Lissant Bolton from the British Museum
  • Dr Ian Coates and Dr Michael Pickering from the National Museum of Australia.

The Australian Research Council is contributing $525,000 to the research component of the Encounters project.

For further information visit the Engaging Objects website

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