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Dreaming to DreamWorks

Year levels

5–6 (can be modified for older or younger groups)

Group size

50 students


90 minutes


$15 per student


12 September until 18 December 2019

Explore storytelling

Dreaming to DreamWorks is a Museum educator-led program exploring storytelling through DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition — Journey from Sketch to Screen. Students investigate historical practices of storytelling, looking at the literary devices and creative decisions involved.

Through enquiry-based learning, and handling of storytelling tools and objects, students develop a deep understanding of the significance and historical place of contemporary storytelling through animation.

Students will collaboratively draw inspiration from the exhibition to create their own unique tale, combining character, world and story.


  • Introductory activity — students explore objects that relate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander storytelling.
  • Gallery activity — working in groups, students explore DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition and consider storytelling elements of character, world and story.
  • Reflection — students gather to discuss their ideas for creating new stories based on the elements of character, world and story.

Teacher-guided school visit

Take your students through DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition on a teacher-guided visit.

Cost: $10 per student

After hours school visit

Visit the exhibition with your students after hours. For more information please contact

Cost: $20 per student


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