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Don: Patrolling the beach for me really is a community service. On the out-going tide, you really have to be on your mark because as the tide goes out, it becomes very rippy, and patrolling members need to observe quite closely.

Phil: You have to be involved in patrols because that is what lifesaving is all about to start with.

Keesha: On a regular patrol day we start at about quarter to nine. We get our equipment ready, all the flags and everything and take them down to the beach. After we have set up the flags, we have to stand guard, people are moving around, and we always have to watch out to sea.

John: The equipment is the priority item to be put on the beach, and the location of your flags, obviously.

Pat: They're always out there and it gives you much more confidence. I know, I don't like to swim unless there is a patrol on the weekends.

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