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Phil: I’ve often felt that to encourage young people to become involved in surf lifesaving is one of the main reasons that surf lifesaving continues to operate. Every member of every club should be out there trying to recruit people, because it is not just doing the lifesaving on the beach that counts, it is doing the lifesaving off the beach.

Kristy: I begun Nippers being terrified of the surf, and was up until about 12 or 13. I only ever competed in the beach events and the water events were sort of a later thing in my career.

Pat: My husband was such a keen surfer that when my two boys were born, he’d come to pick me up at the hospital and he would take the boys out of the car. One boy, one at a time and dangle his feet in the water so that he’d be a good swimmer for North Cottesloe.

Don: The other big thrill I have had is the development of younger people in the movement – not only providing them with the skills that they need to become proficient surf lifesavers, but also developing them as people and providing them with some life skills.

Keesha: I now teach younger children and nippers. I’m now helping with water safety – when people used to help me do that I was very appreciative.

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