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Women 1:06

Listen to John Brown, Pat Kidner and Phil McGibbon comment on women and surf lifesaving.


John: Women have always been around the surf clubs in one function or another. But women actually coming in as members, which I think occurred around about 1980 was something a lot of males ... they had trouble handling it.

Pat: We were tolerated but not recognised. Everything we did, we did on our own, off our own bat, but North Cottesloe Surf Club was wonderful with us. They really, really did everything they could for us. We were their main-stay, they could never have managed without us.

Phil: Women, I believe, should have been full members of lifesaving many years before they became full members. It doesn’t matter who saves a person, as long as that person is rescued.

John: The tradition of boat-rowing – I don’t believe there is anything else in Australia that kind of matches the sort of macho attitudes that go along with boat-rowing, however in recent years the girls are actually showing some of the guys how to do it.

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