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Training 0:56

Listen to Kristy Munroe, Don Marsh, Pat Kidner and John Brown talk about the training involved in surf lifesaving.


Kristy: I can’t really remember my life before I was training. I’m really training, I guess, at the level that a professional athlete would be – twice to three times a day. It is about 10 to 12 sessions a week and it is mixed up between swimming, board, ski, run and gym sessions.

Don: Each year each patrolling surf lifesaver is required to do an annual proficiency test. So really, that is a matter of ensuring that physically you are capable of doing it, and also that your rescue techniques are brought up to date.

Pat: We had to have a very good knowledge of first aid and we had to be able to use the Eve Rocker resuscitation drill to perfection.

John: We used the reel and line and the hardest part of the examination was to go through each movement where you were patient, and you was belt-man and lines-man, and you had to go through every particular role without a break.

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