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Phil: I’m often asked whether there are sharks in the water, particularly at my beach. Yes there probably are – I’ve never come across one, I don’t want to go down and see one but you always have to be aware in surf lifesaving there may be some danger in the water.

Pat: I worry about sharks when I go swimming because we had a shark fatality right in the area where we’ve always swum. I was going down to the beach at this stage and I could see all the police cars, people coming from everywhere and when I got there I found out there had been a shark attack which was very sad.

Kristy: Sharks are probably the last thing on my mind actually when I am competing. Generally it is either the surf conditions or the other competitors that you think of first. It is funny – a lot of people who aren’t involved with the ocean, often think that sharks would be one of the greatest fears. I think from all the times that I have spent in the ocean, probably every day for the last nearly 20 years, I have only seen a shark twice.

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