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One big family 1:20

Hear what Don Marsh, John Brown, Kristy Munroe and Pat Kidner have to say about the surf livesaving movement.


Don: To me, the surf lifesaving movement is like one big family. I have lived and worked both overseas and in other parts of Australia and it has probably been the thing that has made it the easiest thing for me to adapt to a new environment, and a new location is to get involved, straight away, with the surf lifesavers – the local surf lifesavers.

John: You could travel from club to club; state to state; take your swag ... when we got wheels and we started to move around with surfboards ... introduce yourself at a club – you would sleep either in the boatshed, or up on the floor in the hall, and it was really a fantastic opportunity for young people in the ’50s to be able to do that.

Kristy: Once you sort of become involved in a surf lifesaving club, it is a hard thing to walk away from, apart from the competition aspect of it, the organisation itself is sort of like an extended family. It has been to me, once you got down to the surf club, you will always see someone that you know, and wherever you travel along the coastline of Australia, or other countries.

Pat: I think the most enjoyable thing about club life was the camaraderie ... feeling as if you’re doing something worthwhile; and friendships we formed.

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