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Competition 1:35

Listen to Kristy Munroe, Phil McGibbon, Don Marsh, Khy Whitford and Pat Kidner have to say about the thrill of the carnival.


Kristy: You don’t really notice the crowd, no matter how loud or close they can be. You are pretty much focussed on what you are doing and how you are feeling and what you have got coming up next. Sometimes the competitors around you can be a bit of a distraction, but I think that is part of the training and you learn to block them out a little bit, and sort of pretend that you are the only person there racing.

Phil: When I first became involved as a commentator – surf carnivals were rather small; especially in Victoria. The areas would cover beach events – which was beach sprints, beach relays, there would be belt races, R&R, which is Rescue and Resuscitation, then there are ski events and board events.

Don: My favourite event these days – I’d almost say I am an iron-man specialist. It is challenging. You have got the luck of the surf as well as competing against other competitors.

Khy: My mum and dad compete in different events. I like to watch them because they are both good inspirations to me and they love my events as much as I do.

Pat: I was a member of the march-past team. That was a thrill. We’d go down two nights a week training. It gave you a sense of competition to be in the march-past. I was in the belt; my best friend was carrying the banner; and we all got along so well. It was a real achievement, I thought, to be in the march-past.

Khy: My favourite events would have to be the sprint and the flags because they are really fun.

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