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Talking Pictures video

Michael Bowers from the ABC Insiders 'Talking Pictures' segment interviews cartoonists Warren Brown, Reg Lynch and Mark Knight:

Warren Brown

Michael Bowers' interview with Warren Brown (MP4 12.85mb)

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Duration: 0:03:50
Courtesy: ABC Insiders

Transcript: Warren Brown, 4 October 2009

Reg Lynch

Michael Bowers' interview with Reg Lynch (MP4 10.7mb)

Duration: 0:03:11
Courtesy: ABC Insiders

Transcript: Reg Lynch, 24 May 2009

Mark Knight

Michael Bowers' interview with Mark Knight (MP4 15mb)

Duration: 0:04:32
Courtesy: ABC Insiders

Transcript: Mark Knight: 26 April 2009

Warren Brown


Animations by Rocco Fazzari, created for the website of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

Rocco Fazzari is a cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald. His illustrations also appear in the Sunday Age and the Sun-Herald. Fazzari also currently produces Rocco Blog-Go, a cartooning news-blog.


Watch 'Kevin 747' animation (MP4 5MB)

Duration: 0:02:14
Courtesy: Rocco Fazzari

Uranium on my cranium

Watch 'Uranium on my cranium' animation (MP4 6MB)

Duration: 0:02:23
Courtesy: Rocco Fazzari

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