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Explore the objects

Explore the objects

The National Museum of Australia uses objects to tell stories, to reach out and connect with others. We have asked the Australian of the Year recipients for each state and territory to choose an object of deep, personal significance to themselves, that communicates something special about their lives and experiences.

  • Metal figures of two Australian soldiers from World War 1 made from shrapnel recovered from French battlefields. It depicts two uniformed men standing with their legs apart and his hands clasped behind their back.
  • A black and white photograph of two girls climbing a tree. The girls are both wearing summer dresses, and there is a washing line in the background. Second object is a silver coloured metal charm, which is cylindrical in shape, and features a floral pattern. The charm is slightly misshapen.
  • A carved wooden female figure from Papua New Guinea with a plant fibre skirt. The figure is wearing a necklace of blue, turquoise, red, white and mustard coloured beads. A metal chain is draped around the neck of the figure with an African Chief's badge decorated with a silver coat of arms from Rhodesia.
  • A painted portrait of a man set on a white canvas background.
  • A blue cricket cap and a wooden cricket bat.
  • A set of 'YASHICA' brand binoculars, with a black plastic body, and an attached brown leather strap. A 'tasco' brand green and white binoculars case with silver clasp and an attached green shoulder strap.
  • Composite Cultured Skin cassette (left) and PolyNovo Biodegradable Temporising Matrix dressing
  • A beige sun hat and a green marker pen.
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