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Behind the scenes

Kelly armour install

Installing the Kelly gang armour

See conservators working to install the four suits of armour worn by the Kelly gang at Glenrowan in 1880, for the exhibition Not Just Ned.

Installing the Kelly gang armour slideshow

More on the Kellys and bushrangers

Craic video

The Craic videos

Join talented musicians playing and talking with comedian Jimeoin about their instruments and the influence of Irish music in Australia, during a film shoot at The Quiet Man pub.

See The Craic videos

View a slideshow of images from filming at The Quiet Man

Illuminated address thumb

Illuminated addresses online feature

Zoom in and explore the stunning borders and the elegant calligraphy of these illuminated addresses presented to the former Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne.

More on the illuminated addresses

Duffy map install

Installing the oversize Duffy map

National Museum conservator Sharon Towns explains how yachting techniques and a structural engineer helped overcome the challenges involved with handling an oversize and fragile historic map.

More on the Duffy map installation

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