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Explore some of the objects linked to key people and milestone events in Indigenous activism in Australia.

  • A red cardboard covered diary. The cover reads 'THE  GIANT  Memo. Book  3D.'
    Anthony Martin Fernando’s notebook
  • A rectangular calico banner featuring an inscription in blue and red paint which reads 'THE AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES LEAGUE, THE ABORIGINE SPEAKS_THE VOICE of THE ABORIGINE MUST BE HEARD'.
    Banner made by Bill Onus
  • A yellow passport with a cover showing the Aboriginal flag with the text 'ABORIGINAL NATION PASSPORT'.
    Provisional Government passport
  • A protest banner hand painted on canvas, with the text 'You're on / aboriginal / land ... / Pay the rent ... / LAND RIGHTS NOW!'. An Aboriginal man stands to the right of the text with a raised fist. The background is the black, yellow and red of the Aboriginal flag, and a red 'CPA' logo is in the lower right corner.
    Communist Party land rights banner
  • A rectangular yellow tuckerbox box painted green inside and a rusted hook.
    Joe McGinness’s wharfie's hook and tuckerbox
  • A pair of ladies' short white gloves.
    Faith Bandler’s gloves
  • atA circular metal badge with a navy blue border with white text reading, 'REFERENDUM FOR ABORIGINES'. The centre of the badge reads: 'VOTE YES'.
    1967 referendum campaign badge
  • A paper leaflet with a black and white photo of an Aboriginal baby's face. Text to the left reads ''YES' for Aborigine. Write YES for Aborigines in the lower square. May 27th. authorised by Faith Bandler. 13 Kens Road. Frenchs Forest'.
    1967 referendum campaign pamphlet
  • A cylindrical wooden club, with a bulbous head ending in a point.
    Jimmy Clements's nulla (club)
  • A 'NATIONAL' reel to reel tape recorder made from black plastic and silver coloured metal, with a power cable, a handle at the top, and a removable black plastic cover.
    Stan Davey’s tape recorder
  • A headband fashioned from a length of silky red material, machine hemmed along both edges with thick black cotton thread and with the two ends joined together with a double knot.
    Barrie Pittock’s headband
  • A dark brown metal spur with leather and buckle boot attachment.
    Wave Hill spur
  • Cover of a yellow leaflet with the text 'BOYCOTT VESTEY PRODUCTS. Support the Gurindjis of Wattie Creek against exploitation by Vesteys and recognise their right tribal land'
    Wave Hill Walk-Off leaflet
  • A J shaped, curved tobacco pipe with a brown Briarwood bowl, nickel cap and and a black mouthpiece.
    Frank Hardy's pipe
  • A rectangular, galvanised metal voting box with a hinged lid. The text 'CE WA 3027' is on the front of the box and the number '3027' is repeated in black marker.
    1960s ballot box
  • A placard. The text 'WE WANT LAND RIGHTS RIGHT NOW' has been painted in black paint on a rectangular masonite board, with a painted white background. 'WHEN' has been added in purple felt pen.
    Aboriginal Tent Embassy sign

Did you know the National Museum holds more than 2000 works from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Art collection?  See all the works in our Collection Explorer

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