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LUCAS: χαίρετε τοῖς παλαιοίς Ἕλλησι!

SOPHIA: And that’s Ancient Greek for, ‘Check out all this cool old stuff!’

LUCAS: (Sighs) Is not, Sophia.

SOPHIA: (Laughs) Kidding, Lucas! It means… (impressive voice) Welcome to the world of the Ancient Greeks, (normal voice) a civilisation from around 3,000 years ago that still shapes the way we live our lives today.

LUCAS: I knew that.

SOPHIA: Well, I said it first.

LUCAS: Maybe, but just saying, I know, like, SO much about Ancient Greeks.

SOPHIA: It’s not a competition, Lucas.

LUCAS: Actually, Sophia, if it’s about the Ancient Greeks it is definitely a competition. They were super competitive. All they wanted to do was win, win, win, win, win.

SOPHIA: Bags the audio stop about armour.

LUCAS: Hey! I wanted that.

SOPHIA: (Smirking noise)

LUCAS: Then I bags Nike!

SOPHIA: But she’s a goddess, so I should get her.

LUCAS: But I’m her number one fan. Too late.

SOPHIA: OK, fine. It doesn’t really matter – I want to see everything, anyway.

LUCAS: I am so excited. I have my Big Book of Gods, my Heroes of Athens collector cards, I’m wearing my Hermes socks and my Nike sneakers, I am SO set.

SOPHIA: You are SO over prepared, Lucas. I’m just going to wander around and let all the cool stuff surprise me.

LUCAS: But you’re supposed to be doing the audio tour with me! You can’t just let the ‘cool stuff surprise you’.

SOPHIA: Relax, Lucas. I’m ready with my audio stops. But I want to get more out of this than just whatever you or I say about the objects. I’m keeping my eyeballs peeled at all times.

LUCAS: That sounds ... disgusting. But that’s actually the way I feel about it too. There’s always something new to know. Shall we get started?

SOPHIA: Great! Let’s do it.

LUCAS: Young friends, as you walk through the exhibition with us, you’re going to see ... astounding sporting heroes!

SOPHIA: Gods and goddesses!

LUCAS: Weapons and armour!

SOPHIA: Toys and games!

LUCAS: Incredible art!

SOPHIA: And definitely no bananas.

LUCAS: What? That’s not in my notes ... (rustles papers)

SOPHIA: You’ll see. All will be explained.

LUCAS: Okaaay! The important thing is, so much of what you see around you is still important today. We’ll talk you through 10 super interesting items in this exhibition, but keep your eyes … erm, peeled … as you go through the rest, because there is so much to see.

SOPHIA: Like the gods who pop up over and over again on objects of all shapes and sizes.

LUCAS: Or the amazing way the Ancient Greeks made their art.

SOPHIA: Or what sort of food and drink they liked.

LUCAS: Hint. You will not believe what they did with grated cheese.

SOPHIA: And don’t forget the competition. The Ancient Greeks loved competing against each other.

LUCAS: Yup – sport, war, love, art … they always wanted to be the best.

SOPHIA: Ready? Let’s enter the world of … (impressive voice) the Ancient Greeks!

LUCAS: Seriously, where’s the bit about bananas?

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Date published: 17 December 2021

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