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SOPHIA: Lucas! Your Herakles lamp was fantastic! I am totally looking for all the other Herakles items in the exhibition as soon as we finish.

LUCAS: I am definitely playing the ‘chuck the chunky drink’ game at my next party. And I love your explanation of the krater.

SOPHIA: But my biggest question for you, Lucas, is … did you find the banana?

LUCAS: Yes! I hadn’t thought about bananas like that. Makes me appreciate mine even more!

SOPHIA: Wait – you actually have a banana?

LUCAS: I always keep a snack for after an audio tour.

SOPHIA: Do you have … 2 bananas?

LUCAS: I might. Do you want me to help you find the Labours of Herakles first?

SOPHIA: That would be awesome! And then bananas in the Garden of Australian Dreams?

LUCAS: Definitely. Although I might go past the Museum Shop. Maybe they’ll have some Herakles underpants?

SOPHIA: Maybe …

LUCAS: Or a pencil case. Or a necktie. Or suspenders!


LUCAS: Or a lunchbox. Herakles fake tattoos. Herakles Power Protein Bars!

SOPHIA: Let’s just see what’s there, ok.

LUCAS: Hatch-your-own Herakles! A Herakles mobile. Maybe a lion-skin cloak. That would be so awesome!

SOPHIA: Oh, Lucas ...

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Date published: 17 December 2021

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