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My vision has and will always be to help create a healthier and more educated community through the arts, media and the political arena. In trying to achieve this, I hope to always gather new knowledge, skills, ideas and networks.
A portrait photo of Kyra Kum-Sing

Cultural affiliations/language group: Malera Bandjalan (NSW) and Mitakoodi Queensland

Community focus: Sydney and Northern New South Wales

Position: Curator

Employer: Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative

Interests: Curatorial/interpretation/ storytelling, digital platforms and communications, exhibition design/education, collection and data management, cultural heritage conservation

Mentor: TBC


Kyra Kum-Sing is a Malera Bandjalan, Mitakoodi woman. Kyra is the curator at Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative on Wangal country in Leichhardt, an organisation whose primary goal is to promote Aboriginal artists whose language groups exist in the New South Wales state boundaries. Kyra has a Bachelor of Media from Southern Cross University.

In the past 12 months Kyra has curated a number of exhibitions, including 25th Anniversary of Boomalli’s Mardi Gras Exhibition: Original Box; Deadly Women of Redfern, with the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence; and the July 2018 program for the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Artbar.

Kyra is also a consultant for the Aboriginal site heritage and repatriation work on Bandjalan country in Northern New South Wales, where she is working on revitalising the Malera Bandjalan language. Kyra has extensive experience working in services for Aboriginal people, including at the Aboriginal Medical Service, Redfern; Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal; Yabun Festival. Kyra is a passionate advocate for Aboriginal rights and self-determination and the Aboriginal arts and cultural sector.


‘My project is a travelling exhibition of art works and artefacts called Women’s Lore — Malera Bandjalan.

The purpose of this project is to highlight and showcase the importance of women’s lore through multimedia, art works and artefacts. This is a project where all female community members play a role. By bringing women together throughout this project, it is envisioned to help empower and revitalise some untold cultural practices, beliefs and stories.’

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