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ISSN 0818-7142

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Produced by the National Museum of Australia, Lawson Crescent, Acton Peninsula, Canberra

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Cover image: The National Museum of Australia purchased this rare thylacine pelt in December 2018. The pelt is from a young adult female, as evidenced by the remnants of a pouch visible near the hindquarters. It is almost complete with foot bones and associated tissue intact and is in remarkable condition.

Now part of the Museum’s internationally significant thylacine collection, the pelt offers the potential for osteological and genomic analysis and new information on aspects of thylacine natural history. Purchased with the support of the Australian Government through the National Cultural Heritage Account

All photography by George Serras and Jason McCarthy, unless otherwise indicated

Photographs copyright National Museum of Australia

This report is also accessible from the Museum’s website: and is available in both pdf and html formats.

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