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Aerial view of the National Museum of Australia.
Aerial view of the National Museum of Australia on Acton Peninsula, surrounded by Lake Burley Griffin. Photo: Greg Primmer

Moving forward

The National Museum of Australia’s strategic priorities demonstrate our ambition to bring to life the rich and diverse stories of Australia through compelling objects, ideas and programs. They ensure the Museum is focused on achieving strong engagement with the nation’s diverse communities and traditions.

The strategic priorities seek to bring the Museum to the forefront of cultural life in the country, where contemporary Australia is understood in relation to its past and its future promise.

The Museum’s work is underpinned by the pursuit of excellence in every area of its activity and deploys all the internal resources available to maximum effect. We also seek to establish fruitful partnerships to help the Museum grow its resources and reach wider audiences in Australia and globally.

The strategic priorities for 2014–15 are:

  • Take the lead: The Museum takes the lead in researching, documenting and expressing the nation’s history.
  • Cherish our stories: The Museum’s collection is a rich resource for explaining the forces that have formed modern Australia. It affirms the nation’s history through our work as storytellers and custodians.
  • Listen and act: The Museum puts audiences and visitors at the centre of all its work.
  • See us first: The Museum is contemporary and creative in offering a distinctive ‘must see’ experience for visitors.
  • Work smarter: The Museum maximises the potential of its people, assets and financial resources to deliver the best outcomes.


The Museum brings to life the rich and diverse stories of Australia through compelling objects, ideas and programs.


The National Museum of Australia operates with the highest ethical standards. It embraces truth and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and recognises the importance of aesthetic considerations. The Museum acknowledges the contributions of all Australians to the country’s historical development and accepts a fundamental requirement for fairness and equity in its activities. In operating within the framework established by such values, the Museum:

  • develops and preserves the National Historical Collection
  • upholds scholarly and professional integrity
  • makes best use of its resources
  • values and is open to new ideas
  • promotes continuous learning
  • strives to be innovative and creative
  • anticipates and responds to the needs of its diverse audience.
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