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Produced by the National Museum of Australia

Photography by George Serras, Lannon Harley, Dragi Markovic and Dean McNicoll, National Museum of Australia, unless otherwise acknowledged.

Front cover images: A selection of objects from the Cook’s Pacific Encounters exhibition: (left to right)

Helu (comb), Tonga, coconut leaf midribs, plaited fibre, l. 13 cm, w. 5.5 cm, Inv. Oz 159;

Tuinga (pendant), Tonga, shell, tortoiseshell, bone, teeth, cord, l. 12 cm, Inv. Oz 190;

Heva (mourning dress), Tahiti and the Society Islands, shell, barkcloth, tortoiseshell, feathers, mother-of-pearl;

Kupe’e ho’okalakala (bracelet), Hawai’i, boar tusks, olona fibre, about 20.4 cm (inner), 40.7 cm (outer), h. 10 cm, Inv. Oz 239.

Object photography courtesy of the Georg-August University of Göttingen;
photos: Harry Haase, Uwe Walter and Michael Tropea.

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