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Program 1.2 - National exhibitions, programs and services

Part of the exterior of a museum. The image shows two walls that almost meet in the centre of the image. The walls are smooth and pale blue in colour. The left side wall projects further into the image while the right side wall is more toward the right hand border of the image. In the lower background is another part of the museum. Two dark sections and small red section are visible. Above the structure is what appears to be a late afternoon sky. A single point of light is visible in the top left hand corner of the image; this may be an early star.
An architectural detail of the exterior of the National Museum of Australia.

The Museum's exhibitions, programs and services aim to achieve the outcome of increasing awareness and understanding of Australia's history and culture.

Research, scholarship and the highest standards of historical accuracy underpin all the Museum's exhibitions and programs, and the Museum draws on high-level educational, interpretation and communication techniques to cater for its diverse audiences, who all have different learning styles, needs and interests.

Program 1.2 in the Museum's Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) specifies performance measures for visitor numbers, including visits to the Museum's website, and satisfaction levels for visitors and school groups. This year, the Museum again met or exceeded the measures for this program.

Performance summary, measured against PBS

Performance indicators Achievements
80% of school visits that meet core curriculum requirements

85% of visitors satisfied with the exhibitions, programs and services ACTUAL: 94%
75% of visitors and users who indicate the Museum's exhibitions and public programs contributed to a new or different awareness or perspective on Australia's history or cultures ACTUAL: 75%
3,270,000 visitors, users of programs and web visits
ACTUAL: 4,171,904
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