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Appendix 6 - Conferences, forums, seminars and lectures hosted by the National Museum of Australia

July–December 2008

Date/Program Title/Description Speakers
9 July 2008
Public talk
'If it wasn't for them ...': Aboriginal protesters of the 1920s and 1930s Professor John Maynard (activist Fred Maynard's grandson), University of Newcastle; Mike Pickering; Dianne and Barbara O'Brien; Barbara Nicholson; Susan Ingram and June Barker
9 July 2008
Friends curator's talk
From Makassar to Marege' to the Museum Alison Mercieca, National Museum of Australia
10 July 2008
Friends exhibition preview
A Different Time: The Expedition Photographs of Herbert Basedow 1903–1928 David Kaus, National Museum of Australia

14 July 2008
Public talk

Who are the Jews? Dr Ian 'Pete' Griffith, atheistic theist, in association with the Canberra Skeptics Inc.
18 July 2008
Friends talk
Women's voices Moya Simpson, singer, actor and comedian, and one-half of duo, Shortis and Simpson
24 July 2008
Friends talk
Museums of the world — Korea His Excellency Dr Kim Woo Sang, Korean Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Korea
6–8 August 2008
Recovering Lives: The Australian National University Conference Speakers included Professor Kevin Bales, founder of Free the Slaves; and Professor Ross Gibson, exponent and theorist of digital media
8 August 2008
Story: A Powerful Tool for Community Development Speakers included Paul Adcock, Deb Wybron and Jenni Savigny
13 August 2008
Friends curator's talk
Behind the scenes Martha Sear, National Museum of Australia
13 August 2008
Public talk
High-level nuclear waste disposal: Is safety guaranteed? Nick Ware, microanalyst, in association with Canberra Skeptics Inc.
15 August 2008
Friends talk
Women's voices Margaret Reid, former senator
22–23 August 2008
Emily: 'Why Do Those Fellas Paint Like Me ...?' Speakers included Margo Neale, National Museum of Australia; Professor Akira Tatehata, Director, National Museum of Art, Osaka; Dr Ian McLean, University of Western Australia; Djon Mundine, Indigenous art curator; Christopher Hodges, Utopia Art Sydney; Susan McCulloch, art critic and writer; Dr Sally Butler, University of Queensland; Professor Ann McGrath, The Australian National University; Professor Terry Smith, University of Pittsburgh; Associate Professor Rex Butler; Andrew Pike, film historian and documentary filmmaker; Chiaki Ajoika, art historian and curator; Hitomi Toku, Cultural Officer, Australian Embassy, Tokyo; Mayumi Uchida; Professor Roger Benjamin; Gwen Horsfield, PhD candidate, The Australian National University; Tess Allas, University of New South Wales
23 August 2008
Public talk
Janet on the spot Janet Holmes à Court, art collector
29–30 August 2008
Public talk
Greasy rider Todd Malcolmson, artist
31 August 2008
Public talk
Ninety years ago on a French hillside: A story of Mont St Quentin Dr Peter Stanley, Director, Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia
1 September 2008
Museums Australia Spring Futures Forum Speakers included Patricia Sabine, President, Museums Australia; Alex Marsden, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet; Dr Des Griffin AM, Gerard Krefft Memorial Fellow and former Director, Australian Museum, Sydney; Bernice Murphy, National Director, Museums Australia
8–12 September 2008
Workshop for postgraduate
Using Lives Dr Nicholas Brown, Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia
12 September 2008
Public talk
Fundamentalists — every religion has them! Dr Paul Collins, historian, broadcaster and writer, in association with Canberra Skeptics Inc.
13 September 2008
Shoot the Museum Thirty-five photographers taking photos in the Hall, permanent galleries and Garden of Australian Dreams
17 September 2008
Citizenship ceremony Senator Chris Evans, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship; Mr Andrew Metcalfe, Secretary, Department of Immigration and Citizenship; Mr Craddock Morton, Director, National Museum of Australia
21 September 2008
Public talk
Emily in Japan Margo Neale, National Museum of Australia; Andrew Pike OAM, Director/Producer, Ronin Films
23 September 2008
Museums Australia tour
and talk
Utopia: The Genius of Emily Kame Kngwarreye Margo Neale, National Museum of Australia
25 September 2008
Friends talk
Museums of the world — China Mr Yanshan Fu, Cultural Attaché, Embassy of the People's Republic of China
28 September 2008
Public talk
Emily: The impossible modernist Margo Neale, National Museum of Australia; John McDonald, art critic, Sydney Morning Herald; Virginia Trioli, ABC journalist
29–30 Sept 2008
Disability, Disadvantage and Development in Asia and the Pacific Speakers included Graeme Innes, Australian Human Rights and Disability Discrimination Commissioner; The Hon Bob McMullan MP, Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance; The Hon Bill Shorten MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children's Services; Maria Veronica Reina, Executive Director, Global Partnership on Disability and Development; Ken Baker, Chief Executive Officer, National Disability Services; Frederick Miller, Disability Coordination Officer, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat; Tewai Halatau, Co-chair, Pacific Disability Forum, and General Manager, Vision Pacific Trust, New Zealand; Margaret Gadd, National Disability Services; Professor Lesley Chenoweth, Griffith University; Senator Gary Humphries, Member, Senate Community Affairs Committee; Sainimili Tawake, Convenor, Women with Disabilities Pasifika Network; Daniel Stubbs, President, Australian Pacific Islands Disability Support; Andonia Piau Lynch, National Coordinator, Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association, Vanuatu; Dr Pamela Thomas, The Australian National University; Laurie Dunn, Assistant Director General, Operations, Policy and Support, AusAID; Megan McCoy, Disabilities Section, NZAID; Dr Kirsty Thompson, CBM Australia; Debra Perry, Senior Specialist in Disability Inclusion, ILO, Geneva; Setareki Macanawai, CEO, Pacific Disability Forum; Robyn Hunt, Human Rights Commissioner, New Zealand; Professor Andrew Byrnes, Associate Dean, Law School, University of New South Wales; Alastair Wilkinson, Regional Adviser, Social Development and Planning, UN-ESCAP, Suva; Angeline Chand, Program Officer, Pacific Disability Forum
5 October 2008
Public talk
My top three: What are the most sensitive and intriguing ethnographic photos in history? Christine Hansen, National Museum of Australia; Dr Jane Lydon, historical archaeologist; David Kaus, National Museum of Australia; Wayne Quilliam, freelance photographer; Joanne Sassoon, State Records Office of Western Australia
8 October 2008
Friends talks and tours
The making of Australian Journeys Martha Sear, National Museum of Australia
7, 9, 10 October 2008
Emily music workshops for people with disabilities Vivienne Winther, Artistic Director, Music For Everyone, Ainslie Arts Centre, Canberra
9–10 October 2008
Emily dementia art workshops Holly Edworthy
13 October 2008
Public talk
Anomalistic psychology Dr Krissy Wilson, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Tasmania, in association with Canberra Skeptics Inc.
17 October 2008
Friends talk
Women's voices Pip Buining, Artistic Director, Canberra Youth Theatre
23 October 2008
Friends talk
Museums of the world — Brazil Mr Paulo de Tarso Jardim, Counsellor, Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil
25 October 2008
Film festival
Little Big Shots: International Film Festival for Kids
8, 15, 22 November 2008
Imaginary lives: A series of workshops in historical fiction writing Craig Cormick, author and science journalist
12 November 2008
Tour and talk
Behind the scenes of Australian Journeys Martha Sear, National Museum of Australia
13 November 2008
Public talk
The use and misuse of statistics Professor Terry Hull, demographer, The Australian National University
17 November 2008
David Pereira plays the AE Smith cello David Pereira, renowned Australian cellist
21 November 2008
Friends talk
Women's voices Genevieve Jacobs, 666 ABC presenter
24 November 2008
Book launch
Written in the Land Book launch by Jenny Macklin, Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
27 November 2008
Friends talk
Museums of the world — Mexico Her Excellency, Mrs Martha Ortiz de Rosas, Ambassador of Mexico
30 November 2008
History in the baking Dr Adele Wessell, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia
7 December 2008
Panel discussion
In the trenches Genevieve Jacobs, journalist, ABC 666; James Massola, journalist, Canberra Times; Mark Riley, journalist, Channel 7; David Pope, cartoonist; Dennis Grant, Director of Public Affairs, National Musem of Australia
13 December 2008
Public talk
Animated conversation with Geoff Pryor Geoff Pryor, cartoonist; Michael McKernan, writer and historian
15 December 2008
Public talk
Drinking our own waste: Change we can believe in? Professor Peter Collignon, microbiologist, The Australian National University, and Director of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology for ACT Health

January–June 2009

Date/Program  Title/Description Speakers
11 January 2009
Cartooning the news Pat Campbell, cartoonist
31 January 2009
Public talk
Special stories from the Australian Journeys gallery Carmelo Mirabelli; Guna Kinne; Karen Schamberger, National Museum of Australia; Sylvie Stern
11 February 2009
Friends talk
Tombs that talk: Cemetery architecture and symbolism Kenneth W Park, writer and tour leader
15 February 2009
Quick draw Elisa Crossing, artist
20 February 2009
Friends talk
Women's voices Karen Middleton, Chief Political Correspondent and Canberra Bureau Chief, SBS TV
26 February 2009
Charles Darwin Symposium Robyn Williams AM, science communicator; Nicholas Drayson, novelist and nature writer; Professor Iain McCalman, University of Sydney; Professor Tom Frame, Charles Sturt University; Emeritus Professor Frank Nicholas, University of Sydney; Dr Libby Robin, Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia; Professor Paul Turnbull, Griffith University; Dr Barry Butcher, Deakin University; Tony Barta, La Trobe University; Dr Bernadette Hince, Visiting Fellow, The Australian National University; Professor Colin Groves, The Australian National University; Professor Neil Ormerod, Australian Catholic University; Dr Jeremy Burdon, CSIRO
6–7 March 2009
Conference and
Selling Yarns II: Innovation for Sustainability Speakers included Margie West, curatorial consultant and Emeritus Curator of Aboriginal Art, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory; Brian Parkes, Associate Director, Object Gallery; Nicole Foreshew, Assistant Curator, Object Gallery; Carly Davenport Acker, Project Manager for Canning Stock Route Project
11 March 2009
Friends talks and
Behind-the-scenes — Creating a Country National Museum of Australia curators
15 March 2009
Public talk
The Irish in Australia Dr Richard Reid, researcher and author; Brendon Kelson, photographer
20 March 2009
Friends talk
Women's voices Annette Ellis MP, Federal Member for Canberra
26 March 2009
Friends talk
Museums of the world — Israel Mr Dor Shapira, cultural attaché, Embassy of Israel
27 March 2009
From Collections to Exhibitions Speakers included Kirsten Wehner and Martha Sear, National Museum of Australia; Jenny Newell and Libby Robin, Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia; Howard Morphy, The Australian National University; Michael Cathcart, historian and broadcaster
3 April 2009
Public talk
Eternity series: Peter Cundall Peter Cundall, gardener and ABC presenter
6 April 2009
Food and space: The Australian nation in the British Empire Adele Wessell, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia
15 April 2009
Friends talk
Mountain days, mountain ways Matthew Higgins, National Museum of Australia
17 April 2009
Friends talk
Women's voices Janet Jeffs, Director, Ginger Catering
29 April 2009
Ludwig Leichhardt and his Australian diaries Rod Fensham, Queensland Herbarium
1 May 2009
Conspiracy of silence: The colouring of Australian history, the killing-times on the 19th-century Queensland frontier Dr Timothy Bottoms, independent scholar, Cairns
13 May 2009
Friends talk
Behind the scenes — Creating a Country National Museum of Australia curators
15 May 2009
Friends talk
Women's voices Libby Lloyd, former President, UNIFEM
17 May 2009
Public talk
Writing Captain Cook Geoffrey Blainey, historian and author; Maria Nugent, Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia; Jackie French, author; Martin Terry, National Library of Australia; Mathew Trinca, National Museum of Australia; Susan Hall, National Library of Australia
29 May 2009
Australia, Asia and the Pacific: Imaginaries, Histories And Futures Speakers included Associate Professor John Stephens, Acting Director, CASAAP; Peter Stanley, Director, Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia
30 May 2009
Lecture and
Heavens above! Kirsten Wehner, National Museum of Australia; Hermann Wehner, astronomer; David Hallam, National Museum of Australia
11 June 2009
Violent Ends Speakers included Carolyn Strange, Research School of Humanities, The Australian National University; Libby Robin, Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia, and Fenner School, The Australian National University; William Fox, Center for Art and Environment, Nevada Museum of Art; Tom Griffiths, Research School of Social Sciences, The Australian National University
13 June 2009
Public talk
Australian Journeys: Special stories Peter Lane, collector; Laina Hall and Susannah Helman, National Museum of Australia
16 June 2009
Public talk
Tattoos, lashing, house and canoe building Siosiua Lafitani-Tofua'ipangai, Phoenix Performing Arts
19 June 2009
Friends talk
Women's voices Chris Faulks, CEO, Canberra Business Council
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