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Appendix 6 (page 3 of 3) - Conferences, forums, seminars and lectures conducted by the National Museum of Australia July 2004 - June 2005

Date Program Speaker/Presenter Title/Description
4 February Lecture and public forum Lama Ole Nydahl, Buddhist Teacher; Richard Eckersley, Research Fellow, The National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian National University; Jason Frenkel, Journalist, Herald Sun; Gary Humphries, ACT Senator; Alex Sloan, presenter, 666 ABC Canberra Happiness in the Fast Lane. Happiness - What is it? Where does it come from? How do you develop it?
12 February Lecture Professor Colin Groves, School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Australian National University The Hobbit from the Isle of Flowers (with Canberra Skeptics Inc.)
15 February Lecture John Parkington, Professor of Archaeology, University of Cape Town Rock Paintings of the Western Cape, South Africa
2 March Forum Speakers included Dr Dianne Firth, Head of Landscape Architecture, University of Canberra; James Weirick, Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of NSW and Stephan Byron, CEO, Canberra Airport The Griffin Legacy (with the Walter Burley Griffin Society)
4 March Launch Dianne Ireland, Program Officer, artsACT Lights! Canberra! Action! Announcement of local objects and icons to be included in short films
9 March Forum Speakers included Jeff McMullen, journalist; Julie Tongs, CEO, Winnunga Ninnityjah Aboriginal Health Service; Alan Eldridge, CEO Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association; Professor John Deeble, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian National University Indigenous Health Forum (with the Australian National University Golden Key International Honour Society)
9 March Lecture and film Andy Caldecott, desert motorcyclist in conversation with Jim Trail, journalist and Stone, director, writer and actor, Sandy Harbutt Born to be Extreme To coincide with the Ulysses Motorcycle Club visit to Canberra
10 March Forum Speakers included John Stanhope, ACT Chief Minister; Steve Gower, Director, Australian War Memorial; Paul Barrett, Minter Ellison and Michael McCann, ABC TV

Innovation and Beyond (with the Australian National University)

13 March Forum Sue Maslin, producer; John McDonald, art critic; Margo Neale, Director, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program, National Museum of Australia; Dr Vivien Johnson, biographer; Mandy Martin, artist; Dr Mike Smith, Director, Research and Development, National Museum of Australia Extremes Forum Series:Seeing the Desert A discussion on what it is about deserts that inspires visual artists
Date Program Speaker/Presenter Title/Description
16 March Lecture Dr Bruce Kent, Visiting Fellow, National Europe Centre, Australian National University Problems of Postwar Reconstruction from the Versailles Treaty to the Present (with the Australian National University)
17 March Lecture Ian Redmond, Tropical Field Biologist; Dr Birute Mary Galdikas, author and Leif Cocks, Curator, Exotic Mammals, Perth Zoo Within Our Grasp: Saving the Great Apes (with the Australian National University)
3 April Forum Dr Peter Stanley, Principal Historian, Australian War Memorial; Dr Tanja Luckins, Historian, La Trobe University, Melbourne and Professor Joy Damousi, Department of History, University of Melbourne Anzac Forum Series:The Anzac Legend: What Does it Mean to Me?
10 April Forum Dr Marilyn Dooley, National Film and Sound Archive; David Headon, Cultural Advisor, National Capital Authority and Paul Byrnes, journalist, Sydney Morning Herald Anzac Forum Series:Film and the Anzac Legend: A Public Symposium (with the National Film and Sound Archive)
17 April Forum Ken Inglis, historian; Michael McKernan, historian; Tony Wright, The Bulletin; Mike Hughes and Skye Sargent, young pilgrims Anzac Forum Series:Anzac Pilgrims: Understanding the Journeys and the Memories
19 April Seminar Dr Mike Smith, Director, Research and Development, National Museum of Australia; Jay Arthur, Exhibition Manager, National Archives of Australia and Martha Sear, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia Water, Water Everywhere: Curators in Conversation
19 April Lecture and book signing Anthony Hill, author Animal Heroes: With Australia's Fighting Forces
24 April Forum Margaret Fulton, celebrity chef; Myra Pincott, National President, Country Women's Association; Kirsten Wehner, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia

The Anzac Forum Series:Great Anzac Biscuit Bash

28 April Lecture Dr Debra Beattie, Lecturer, School of Arts, Griffith University The Wrong Crowd: An Online Documentary (with the Centre of New Media Arts, the Australian National University)
8 May Forum Robyn Davidson, author; Barry Hill, author; Louise Maher, presenter, 666 ABC Canberra Extremes Forum Series:Writing the Desert A discussion on how the desert environment has inspired the author's writing
Date Program Speaker/Presenter Title/Description
12 May Lecture Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton, Chancellor, Murdoch University The Art and Craft of Political Biography (with the Australian National University)
17 May Seminar Phillip Adams, journalist, Cathy Wilcox, cartoonist, Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian; Mark Knight, cartoonist, Herald Sun and Geoff Pryor, cartoonist, Canberra Times Behind the Lines 2004
24 May Lecture Dr Ros Bandt, Director, Australian Sound Design Project, University of Melbourne Sounding Spaces: Air, Water, Virtual, Imaginary (with the Centre for New Media Arts, the Australian National University)
24 May Lecture Dr Gwynne Dyer, journalist and historian War: The Lethal Custom (with the Australian National University)
26 May Seminar and films Cold Turkey: Steven MacGregor, writer and director; Wrong Side of the Road: Graeme Isaac, screenwriter and producer and Bart Willoughby, actor and musical score Cruising Country Symposium: Culture on the Road (with the Australian National University)
27 May Seminar and films Freedom Ride: A Freedom Rider Remembers: Ann Curthoys, author; Our Community: Frances Peters-Little, director Cruising Country symposium: keynote conversation, screening excerpts from Freedom Ride and premiere screening of Our Community (with the Australian National University)
28 May Seminar and films Professor Peter Read, National Centre for Indigenous Studies, Australian National University; David MacDougall, ethnographic filmmaker, scholar, and writer on cinema No Way to Forget: Richard Frankland, Indigenous writer and director Cruising Country symposium: Journeys and Justice Films and discussions on the role of cars in the stories of Stolen Generations (with the Australian National University)
2 June Lecture Graeme Baker, Professor of Archaeology, Cambridge University

Archaeology and Desertification: The Impact of Roman Imperialism on the Desert People of Libya and Jordan

Date Program Speaker/Presenter Title/Description
5 June Forum Dr Peter Veth, Director of Research, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies; Kieran Kelly, explorer and author; Allan Whiting, writer; Peter Reynolds, Southern Tablelands Four Wheel Drive Club; Dave Sutton, Four Wheel Drive Club and Dr Mike Smith, Director, Research and Development, National Museum of Australia Extremes Forum Series: Surviving the Desert
9 June Lecture Lama Choedak Rinpoche, Tibetan Lama How to Live a Meaningful Life
17 June Forum Speakers include Geoff Burton, Director, Genetic Resources Management Policy, Natural Heritage Trust and Biodiversity Policy Branch, Department of the Environment and Heritage; Dr Sasha Courville, Secretary of the Fairtrade Association of Australia and New Zealand, and Postdoctoral Fellow, RegNet, Australian National University and Ian Oi, Project Leader, Creative Commons Australia, and Special Counsel, Blake, Dawson and Waldron Geneva Declaration: Intellectual Property and Development (with the Australian National University)
19 June Lecture and film Two thirds Sky: Artists in desert country: Sean O'Brien, director and Jenny Sage, artist Extremes Film Festival Series
22 June Lecture Professor Bruce Chapman, Professor of Economics, Australian National University Towards a New Role for Government (with the Australian National University)
22 June Lecture Matthew Higgins, Senior Curator, People and the Environment, National Museum of Australia Skis on the Brindabellas: An Important Chapter in National Ski History
26 June Forum People from the Wagga Wagga Community: Rosie Smith, Petrina Quinn, Matt Crosby, Frank Thirian and Carmel Wallace; Ian Coates and George Main, Curators, National Museum of Australia Pass the Salt: A discussion on responding to salinity
29 June Lecture Professor Jeff Williamson, Laird Bell Professor of Economics, Harvard University
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