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Appendix 6: Conferences, forums, seminars and lectures conducted by the National Museum of Australia July 2003-June 2004 (page 3 of 3)

Date Program Speaker Description
6-7 February Conference Speakers included Professor Stephen Knight, Robin Hood expert, Cardiff University; Deborah Carmichael, Associate Editor of the United States Film and History Journal and lecturer, Oklahoma State University; Graham Seal, Australia Research Institute; Professor Ann McGrath, Australian National University; Professor Barry Carr, Department of History, La Trobe University; Julie Rigg, ABC Radio; Dr John McQuilton, University of Wollongong; Ian Jones, Kelly historian Representing Outlaws: Bushrangers, Rebels and Revolutionaries in Popular Culture
6, 13, 20, 27 February Youth event Sky Lounge participants, including artists, musicians, animators and speakers A multimedia event of short animated films and electronic music
19 February Forum Richard Neville, futurist Getting Down to Business 2004
20 February Lecture Professor Jawaid Haider, Professor of Architecture, Pennyslvania State University United States Designing Museum Experiences for Children and Youth
25 February Lecture Dr Charles Elachi, Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Vice President of the California Institute of Technology Space Exploration in the 21st Century
3-6, 10, 12, 13 March Performance Canberra Youth Theatre Company The Great Garden Game - a theatrical interpretation of the Garden of Australian Dreams
5-6 March Conference Speakers included Dr Denise Donlon Curator, Shellshear Museum of Physical Anthropology and Comparative Anatomy; Peter Hiscock Convenor of Archaeology, School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Australian National University; Ken Dusza, Lecturer in Paleopathology and Forensic Archaeology, School of Social Science, University of Queensland Forensic Anthropology for Australian Field Conditions and Beyond: Workshop for Heritage and Medico-legal Field Staff
5 March Lecture Richard Wright, archaeologist, University of Sydney Unearthing Evil: an Archaeologist's Experience with War Crimes
11 March Musical performance Musicians Carl Pini (violin), George Pedersen (cello), Emma West (violin), John Gould (viola) Eternal Strings: by the Carl Pini Quartet playing the AE Smith instruments from the Museum's NHC
Date Program Speaker Description
12 March Film screenings Matthew Fallon and Marissa Martin, convenors, Short::seasons Short::seasons, the bi-annual screening of film and video by ACT filmmakers
18 March Talk and tour Joanne Duke, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia Seniors Week tour of Outlawed! exhibition
20 March Symposium Wendy McCarthy AO, Chancellor, University of Canberra; Dr Sue Packer, Paediatrician; Emma Nicholson, Rocking Horse Music, Rebecca Gorman, ABC journalist Living, Loving and Laughing: A symposium aimed at those working with families and young children
21 March Talk and workshop Libby Gleeson, writer An Audience with Libby Gleeson
23 March Lecture Professor John Braithwaite, Australian Research Council Federation Fellow, Australian National University Markets in Vice, Markets in Virtue: The New Regulatory State (with the Australian National University)
25 March Forum Hugh MacKay, author and social scientist; Professor James P. Griffin, White's Professor of Moral Philosophy, Oxford University; Professor Tony Coady, Applied Philosophy and Ethics, University of Melbourne 'Right and Wrong': How to Decide for Yourself: A celebration of Hugh MacKay's new book Right and Wrong
26 March Lecture Van Sowerwine, artist Playing with dolls: stop-motion animation and interactive installation, new media lecture with the Centre for New Media Arts, Australian National University
30 March Lecture Associate Professor Stephen Preece, School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada Enhancing Links between the Arts and Corporate Sector (with Museums Australia)
2-3 April Film screening Matthew Fallon, convenor Lights Canberra Action
10-23 April Outlawed! performance Nigel Sutton Storytelling in the Hall and a tour within the exhibition
15 April Workshop Jackie French, author Write your own Outlawed! Adventure
20 April Tour Tim the Yowie Man Mystery Tour of the Museum for children
21 April Tour Tim the Yowie Man Outlawed! exhibition followed by bus tour to bushranger sites near Canberra
Date Program Speaker Description
28 April Forum Stuart Mackenzie, journalist National Capital Authority's Griffin Legacy Project: Planning in the ACT
30 April Lecture William McClure, artist, philosopher and lawyer, teacher in law at the Sydney Institute of Technology and Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University Constructing Situations (with the Centre for New Media Arts, Australian National University)
7 May Lecture Professor Graham Durant, Professor of Science Interpretation and Communication, and Director of Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre The Great Genetic Modification Foods Debate
9 May Lecture Professor Jenny Graves, Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University Academy of Science Forum: What can Kangaroos Teach us About Being Human (with the Australian National University)
15 May Symposium Speakers Included Rebecca Scott, Communication Manager, CSIRO; Professor Ron Ekers, President of the International Astronomical Union; Bronwen Sandland, Program Coordinator for the Australian National University School of Art Gallery; Professor Neil B Manson, Research School of Physical Sciences, Australian National University; Barbara McConchie, Executive Director, Craft ACT Taking Time: Symposium with Metis 2004, a major festival celebrating art and science on the theme of time
16 May Lecture Dr Peter Veth, Acting Director, Research, AIATSIS and adjunct chair at James Cook University The Wreck of HMAV Bounty, Pitcairn Island and the Archaeology of Maritime Societies: National Archaeology Week Lecture
17 May Lecture Honorary Visiting Professor Jonathan Kingdon, evolutionary biologist, biogeographer and artist On Learning to Walk on Two Legs: Our Lowly Origins: new explanations for the proliferation of hominin fossil species that have been unearthed in recent years: National Archaeology Week Lecture
20 May Lecture Craig Walsh, artist Insite (with the Centre for New Media Technology, Australian National University)
23 May Workshop Daniel Rayner, PhD student, Australian National University Bone Detective: Forensic Anthropology Workshop (National Archaeology Week)
Date Program Speaker Description
4 June Lecture Rainer Linz, composer and sound artist Theatre of Interaction (with the Centre for New Media Technology, Australian National University)
9 June Lecture Associate Professor Bruce Chapman Towards a New Role for Government: Income Related Loans for Social and Economic Progress (The Blake Dawson Waldron Lecture with the Australian National University)
9 June Talk and tour Guy Hansen, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia Behind the Lines: Exhibition Talk and Tour (Friends)
13 June Lecture Sir David Smith, AO, Official Secretary to Australia's five Governors-General from 1973 to 1990 The Queen, The Governor-General and Us (to mark the Queen's birthday)
15 June Presentation night Film and Television students from the Canberra Institute of Technology Canberra Institute of Technology Film and Television Student Awards Night
19 June Talk Frances Isaacs, author Footprints on the Quicksand: A Collection of Short Stories
23 June Lecture Professor Shirley Gregor, Head, Electronic Commerce Research Group and Associate Dean, Research for the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, Australian National University How does Australia score in the Information Technology stakes? (with the Australian National University)
24 June Tour and talk Geoff Pryor and Bruce Petty, political cartoonists Behind the Lines: Exhibition tour and talk (Friends)
24-25 June Symposium Speakers included Chris Gallus MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs; Dr David Hegarty, State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project, Australian National University; Annmaree O'Keeffe, Deputy Director General, AusAID; Professor Mark McGillivray, United Nations University, Helsinki; Dr Michael Ward, NZAID, Dr Derek Sikua, Permanent Secretary, Education, Solomon Islands; Dr Tony Banks, NZAID; Professor Vijay Naidu, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand International perspectives on improving aid effectiveness: Issues of policy, practice and perspective
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