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Night at the Museum: Thrill

Night at the Museum: Thrill

The National Museum is full of stories of risk-takers and people who have tried and done new things, made unexpected connections and achieved extraordinary things. It all sounded like it was pointing towards something, well thrilling.

On Friday 8 August 2014 we played with fire, fenced, rode bucking broncs, tried unicycling, sent in the crocs and mixed it with acrobats for Night at the Museum: Thrill.

Night at the Museum highlights

Why thrill?

To get a thrill out of something, you feel it in your body. A throb. A nervous tremor. It can be a thrill of joy, excitement, anticipation. Or you can experience thrill through your veins by living dangerously, flirting with the forbidden and outrageous. Whatever it is — thrilling yourself, causing a thrill — we want you to be moved.

These are the emotions you might find in our very own Eternity gallery, where we tell stories of ordinary and extraordinary Australians.

A man juggling fire sticks.
Juggling fire ... Mark from the Fool Factory steps up the thrill factor. Photo: Heidi Pritchard.
A man riding a mechanical bull.
Rocking the mechanical bull. Photo: Heidi Pritchard.