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Night at the Museum: Thrill

Calling all thrill seekers — Friday 8 August 2014, 6pm to 9.30pm

Are you looking for a thrilling night out? Do you ever find yourself wishing for the rush, the heart-pumping exhilaration of doing the unthinkable or extreme?

Night at the Museum: Thrill

At our next Night at the Museum we want to take you on a thrilling ride through our collection. Join us for music, games, objects, art and food as we dive into what it means to have or give someone a thrill.

Get in early and buy your ticket before the thrill is gone!

Night at the Museum highlights

Ticket information

Over-18s only
Buy tickets online through the Eventbrite website
$10 entry
$25 THRILL tasting plate
$60 to register a team of 4 to play
The Museum Game (includes entry).
Free entry for Museum Friends (full members)


From cheap thrills to thrills and spills we have it all.

  • The Fool Factory Fire Show and Glow Show
  • ACT Unicycle Riders Society demo and have a go
  • DJ T:MO and Tstrings
  • DJ Degg in the galleries
  • Samba Dancers Breathe Studio
  • Karaoke – you asked for it
  • ANU Fencing Club showing off their sword skills
  • Reptiles Inc. – you can probably guess what's next
  • Get Crafty with the Thrill of disguise
  • Mechanical Bull competition
  • more object talks than you can poke a stick at

Join us and connect

Night at the Museum is all about engaging with the Museum, not just watching. We promise:

  • our galleries will be open
  • the music will be pumping
  • games will be played
  • art will be produced
  • the drinks will be flowing.

Stay connected with us through Facebook and Twitter to learn more as we lock it in: #nightmuseum.

Roam and play

There will be more to do, more to learn and more to see after-hours at the Museum than ever before. Explore and find the area that thrills you most.

The Hall

The Hall will be alive, not only with the sound of music. Inside you will find more than ever, including (but not limited to): dancing, robots, art and craft, games, projections, and some quirky demonstrations and talks.

Visitors in the Museum's Hall.  The Sawdoctor's wagon is visible in the background.
Photo: Paul Chapman.

The galleries

Stroll into our galleries and among our objects you will find: tours, spot talks, The Museum Game, craft, and the much-loved DJ Degg.

The Museum Game – mini-tournament

Find your most creative friends and make a team (up to four players). Armed with an iPad, your team will play The Museum Game. It's about exploring the world through similarity, making connections between the objects on display. Be surprising; take a creative leap. Most importantly, be interesting to your competitors – that's how you can experience the thrill of the win.

Conditions of registering

To keep our iPads secure, a credit card imprint will be required prior to competing in the tournament. We will let you decide which player hands over the card on the night.

The game is fun; lots of people want to play. Please be aware that if none of your team arrive in time for registration at 6pm, you will forfeit the opportunity to play – and the entry fee. You can still enjoy the rest of the night's festivities.


Visitors with refreshments at a function in the Museum's Hall.
Photo: Paul Chapman.


Have a tipple at one of the bars around the Museum.


Feeling like you need more than just eye candy?  You can buy good eats on the night or get in early and buy a thrilling tasting plate designed by Broadbean Catering.

Want to know what’s on the tasting plate? Ok, here’s a hint

  • something from the sea
  • something hot and sour
  • a ‘surprise’ meat (did someone say melt in your mouth?)
  • something ‘sinful’ and so, so good.

 Pre-order a tasting plate for $25 when you buy your ticket through the Eventbrite website

Why thrill?

We had such a good time sharing the LOVE at the last Night at the Museum, that we thought it was time to get our hearts pumping for a different reason. We started wondering about what to do next? The Museum is full of stories of risk takers and people who have tried and done new things, made unexpected connections and achieved extraordinary things. It all sounded like it was pointing towards something, well thrilling.

We want to listen to your thrilling stories and let you leave them here at the Museum. We want to learn about how people get their thrills and why some of us crave the extreme and why others are just happy to watch. We want to play, dance and sing about all of those things that give you and me a THRILL.

What does it mean to have a thrill?

To get a thrill out of something, you feel it in your body. A throb. A nervous tremor. It can be a thrill of joy, excitement, anticipation. Or you can experience thrill through your veins by living dangerously, flirting with the forbidden and outrageous. Whatever it is — thrilling yourself, causing a thrill — we want you to be moved.

These are the emotions you might find in our very own Eternity gallery, where we tell stories of ordinary and extraordinary Australians.

So what gives you a THRILL? Are you an experience-seeking person, who craves new and exciting things? Do you like taking risks and heading off into the unknown or uncharted territories?