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Glorious Days lecture series: Dr Guy Hansen

Adulation, fame and money: sport and celebrity in 1913

Tuesday 8 October 2013, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Inspired by our Glorious Days: Australia 1913 exhibition, the Glorious Days lecture series explores what was happening in Australia 100 years ago.

Join Dr Guy Hansen, Director of Exhibitions, National Library of Australia as he discusses the passion among sports fans for Australians to succeed on the world stage.

Guy Hansen
Guy Hansen. Photo: Jason McCarthy.

In 1913, like today, Australia loved its sporting heroes. Victor Trumper, Dally Messenger and Snowy Baker were celebrities and entrepreneurs, among a group of elite athletes who were starting to realise that sporting glory could be financially rewarding.

Changes within Australian society had seen sport transformed from a pastime into a spectacle. There was a hunger among fans for Australians to succeed on the world stage, particularly in competitions with the British. Each sporting success was seen as a validation of the Australian project – a trait that is still with us today.

Dr Guy Hansen has worked in museums for more than 20 years. A historian by training, Guy holds degrees from Sydney University and the University of Technology, Sydney. He has worked as the lead curator on numerous exhibition projects at the National Museum of Australia including Nation: Symbols of Australia (2001), Captivating and Curious (2005)and League of Legends (2008).

Guy has also been head of the National Museum’s Collection Development Unit and the Australian Society and History Program. Guy’s research interests include the history of sport in Australia, the history of the car and political cartooning. Guy is currently Director of Exhibitions at the National Library of Australia.

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