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AnthropoScene film competition

Watch the shortlisted films

Australian filmmaker Tiffany Hoy was named winner of the international AnthropoScene film competition at the National Museum of Australia on 28 October 2016.

Tiffany won $7000, with the $3000 second prize awarded to Evan Mather of the United States. The film competition was framed around the new Anthropocene epoch and the profoundly frightening yet somehow incredibly optimistic landscapes of the 21st century. It attracted more than 140 entries.

The competition was presented by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects in partnership with the National Museum and LA+ Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture, as part of the 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture: [Not] in My Backyard, in Canberra.

First place: 'The Architect' by Tiffany Hoy (Australia)

Second place: 'Sic Erat Scriptum' by Evan Mather (United States)

Shortlisted: 'Cáustico' by Joshua Ashish Dawson (United States)

Shortlisted: 'Fortunate Isles: Landings' by Jacob Rivkin (United States)

Shortlisted: 'La graine (The Seed)' by Adèle Millet-Lacombe and Mégane Millet-Lacombe (France)

Shortlisted: 'The Anthropocene is a meditation about time' by Sam Hinton, Andrew MacKenzie, Wu Hao and Su Elin (Australia and China)

Shortlisted: 'What Are You Doing?' by Neeti Nayak (United States)

Also shortlisted was 'A submission to the enquiry into the death of an architect' by Robert Nugent (Australia).


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