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Australia Day Your Way 2017

26 January 2017

Join us for #AustraliaDay Your Way as the National Museum of Australia, Twitter and the National Australia Day Council create a digital snapshot of our national day in 2017.

No matter where you are or how you are celebrating, you can be part of history by sharing a photo using the official #AustraliaDay hashtag on Twitter.

Use the new emoji

Tweet using the #AustraliaDay hashtag to generate the exclusive Twitter thongs emoji.

Enjoy the live curated feed

Watch Australia Day unfold across the country and world, by following the live curated feed on the #AustraliaDay Your Way website.

Don't forget to check the site to see if your Tweet makes it to the feed!

A pair of yellow and green thongs.

Twitter time capsule

#AustraliaDay Your Way 2016 received more than 400,000 tweets. Each year, the National Museum curates a collection of images that are stored in a Twitter time capsule at the Museum. This time capsule from each year creates a permanent collection of images representing our national day in Australia and across the world.

The Museum is curating tweets again from 26 January 2017. The #AustraliaDay Your Way 2016 Twitter time capsule is on display at the Museum.