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See the Emmy award-winning film


11.30am and 2.30pm


Circa theatre


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Collisions is a stunning VR experience that invites visitors on a journey to the land of Indigenous elder Nyarri Nyarri Morgan and the Martu tribe in the remote Western Australian desert.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Lynette Wallworth, it won the Emmy for Outstanding New Approaches to a Documentary in 2017.

Science meets spirit in this thought-provoking, immersive journey, where Nyarri shares his story of dramatic collision between his traditional world view and his experience of nuclear testing at Maralinga in the South Australian desert in the 1950s.

Allow up to 30 minutes for the VR experience and plan your visit during peak times.

Note: Not recommended for children under the age 13 and people with certain medical conditions; glasses cannot be worn under the headset, but the focus can adjust to most vision types. Please read the health and safety notice before you book

Collisions VR experience 2:41

Visitors can feel the rush of an oncoming mushroom cloud, ride on the back of a ute into Australia’s deserts and watch the expression on Nyarri’s face as he listens to Dr Robert Oppenheimer talk about the impact of nuclear testing on the world.

Banner image: Nyarri Nyarri Morgan. Photo: Piers Mussared

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