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Society, culture and politics

book cover
I Am Woman Hear Me Draw
by Judy Horacek
October 2013

book cover
Glorious Days: Australia 1913
Michelle Hetherington (ed.)
March 2013

book cover
Landmarks: A History of Australia in 33 Places
Daniel Oakman, Martha Sear & Kirsten Wehner (eds)
January 2013

book cover
Symbols of Australia: Uncovering the Stories behind the Myths
Melissa Harper & Richard White (eds)
January 2010

book cover
Under Suspicion: Citizenship and Internment in Australia during the Second World War
Joan Beaumont, Ilma Martinuzzi O'Brien & Mathew Trinca (eds)
December 2008

book cover
Making Sense of Place: Exploring Concepts and Expressions of Place through Different Senses and Lenses
Edited by Frank Vanclay, Matthew Higgins and Adam Blackshaw
May 2008

book cover
Strangers on the Shore: Early Coastal Contacts in Australia
Peter Veth, Peter Sutton & Margo Neale (eds)
April 2008

book cover
I Am Woman Hear Me Draw
Cartoons from the pen of Judy Horacek
March 2002