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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history

book cover
Thomas Baines: Exploring Tropical Australia 1855 to 1857
Jane Carruthers & Lindy Stiebel (eds)
May 2012

book cover
The Long Way Home: The Meaning and Values of Repatriation
Paul Turnbull & Michael Pickering (eds)
November 2010

book cover
Strangers on the Shore: Early Coastal Contacts in Australia
Peter Veth, Peter Sutton & Margo Neale (eds)
April 2008

book cover
Papunya Painting: Out of the Desert
Vivien Johnson (ed.)
November 2007

book cover
Keeping Culture: Aboriginal Tasmania
Amanda Jane Reynolds (ed.)
August 2006

book cover
Wrapped in a Possum Skin Cloak: The Tooloyn Koortakay Collection in the National Museum of Australia
by Amanda Reynolds in collaboration with Debra Couzens, Vicki Couzens, Lee Darroch & Treahna Hamm
October 2005

book cover
Ernabella Batiks
by David Kaus
July 2004

book cover
Frontier Conflict: The Australian Experience
Bain Attwood & SG Foster (eds)
February 2003

book cover
People of the Rivermouth: The Joborr Texts of Frank Gurrmanamana
by Les Hiatt, Kim McKenzie, Betty Ngurrabangurraba, Betty Meehan & Rhys Jones
February 2002

book cover
Painting the Land Story
by Luke Taylor (ed.)
December 1999