Prepared from information supplied by the Australian Friesian Warmblood Horse Society

A Friesian Warmblood is a horse that is at least 25 per cent proven Friesian blood and is bred as a sport horse. The breed is renowned for having an even temperament as well as strength and stamina.

Different breeding combinations mean their appearance can vary from that of a finer sport horse to a more solid Friesian type. The objective is to blend Friesian characteristics, such as temperament, strong bone composition and balanced, elastic movement with a complementary breed to increase agility, lightness and stamina. Any colour is acceptable and although the ideal height is more than 15 hands high, under-height horses are also accepted for registration.

The Australian Friesian Warmblood Horse Society was formed in 1998 and keeps a register of Friesian Warmblood horses throughout Australia. The society's goal is to give guidance and support to owners and breeders of Friesian Warmblood horses, as well as to educate the public about the breed. The society is developing a studbook to enhance the quality of the Australian Friesian Warmblood Horse and to provide a more extensive system of registration.

Friesian Warmbloods compete in dressage, showing, eventing, jumping, harness and Western events. They are known to work well with cattle and sheep, and also make a reliable trail and pleasure riding horse.