Prepared from information supplied by the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance of Australasia and the Arabian Horse Society of Australia

The Arabian is the oldest and purest of all horse breeds, widely sought after since before biblical times for its unique combination of refined beauty, endurance, athleticism and trainability.

Embraced in almost every country for its ability to genetically improve other breeds, the Arabian was instrumental in the inception of riding horse breeds. The Thoroughbred and Australian Stock Horse owe much of their development to the strong influence of their Arabian origins.

The first Arabian horses arrived in Australia about 1803, 15 years after the first English settlers. The Arabians proved perfect for venturing into Australia's arid landscapes and were used to improve station (stock) horses.

The purity of the Arabian breed has been upheld for centuries. Today their attributes and genetics are used in the makeup of these derivative breeds: Anglo Arabian, Arabian warmblood, Arabian pony, Arabian riding pony, partbred Arabian and Quarab.

Horses carrying Arabian blood compete in every aspect of equestrian sports and are especially sought after for their unrivalled endurance abilities and obedient nature. Arabian racing was recently launched in Australia.

Arabian horses are beautiful athletes. Fine-skinned and charismatic, they typically have a refined yet strong frame, arched neck, large eyes, small curved ears, dished face and small muzzle with large nostrils capable of great air intake.

When in motion the Arabian tail is carried high and their movement is light and effortless. With a highly intelligent and people-loving nature, Arabians are willing to please.