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What do you think about this website and the ideas it explores? Do you have a story to tell about growing food or exhibiting at a show? What's your view on the history and future of Australian agriculture?

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Tony Kennedy
28 Feb 2013 2:06pm

Great to see this on the National Museum of Australia's website.
Having worked in rural areas for many years, it would be good to see this set up as a real display at the museum.
It would also be good to see something about keeping Australian farms and Australia water, Australian, on the website.
Thank you to those who created this and thank you to our hard-working rural sector. 

21 Mar 2013 4:48pm

Yes we should not concrete the best of the land down the eastern side of Australia. But use that for agriculture and pout the cities in the worst land. 

George Main
28 Mar 2013 3:41pm

Thanks for your comment Trev. I'm one of the curators who worked on this project. I think you are right about urban sprawl. It is a process that destroys good, productive land. If cities have to grow, let's hope the planners can allow for plenty of space for productive community and school gardens! 

Maurice Champion
11 Jan 2014 5:57pm

I think the comments regarding this as a Queensland setting particularly the Bowen the area be revised.
I have in my possesion another medal with the same front just a different back which refers to the Goulburn P & Society.
The back of the medal has an uppercase stylised M within a circle surrounded by a laurel wreath.
I agree with the comments about dwindling agriculture & do hope that this is turned around. 

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