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Sheet metal department

In this department sheet steel was cut and shaped to produce many types of agricultural implements and parts, including grain boxes and threshing drums. Some were fashioned by hand with mallets and beaters, while others were made using machinery such as presses and guillotines. Moulds were also used to shape the sheet steel and press designs, like the Sunshine logo, into the metal.

In the early years, machinery throughout the works was driven by belts connected to a steam engine. You can see the belts turning in the film.

Workers in the sheet metal department, 1925

Factory to Farm: Making Agricultural Implements in Australia, about 1925. National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

Sunshine Harvester Works logo

This cover on the front of the harvester is pressed with the Sunshine Harvester Works logo.

Cover on the front of a harvester pressed with the Sunshine Harvester Works logo.
Photo: Lannon Harley.
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