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Bulk store

This department housed some of the raw materials used at the Harvester Works. One of the works’ five internal railway lines ran through the store, where a crane unloaded material from the railway wagons. Today, the remains of this crane can still be seen inside the former store.

In other areas of the factory, workers used electric cranes to move awkward machinery like ploughs, rakes and hay balers, and to load finished implements into railway wagons.

An electric crane moving agricultural implements, 1925

Factory to Farm: Making Agricultural Implements in Australia, about 1925. National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

Bulk store interior

The interior of the bulk store, with the remains of the crane.

A colour photo of the interior of the former bulk store at the Sunshine Harvester Works. A piece of agricultural machinery is suspended in the air by the remains of an electrical crane. A sign at the top of the crane reads 'Moore. Load 2 tons.'
Photo: George Serras.
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