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Binder canvas shop

This department produced canvas and leather parts for binders — machines used for cutting and bundling wheat. Cut stalks would fall onto a canvas sheet and be carried to a binding mechanism to be bundled and tied. To make the sheet, a panel was cut from a large roll of canvas and nailed to a wooden frame. Leather belts and buckles were attached to stretch the canvas over the frame.

Canvas and leather parts for other implements were also made here.

At work in the binder canvas shop, 1925

Factory to Farm: Making Agricultural Implements in Australia, about 1925. National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

Leather belts

These leather belts, made in the binder canvas shop, are fastened to metal cups used to catch grain on the harvester's double elevator.

A colour photo of leather belts fastened to metal cups used to catch grain on a stripper harvester's double elevator.
Photo: Lannon Harley.
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