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Tour of the works

The Sunshine Harvester Works manufactured many types of agricultural machinery and farming tools. Factory employees produced hundreds of different parts for Sunshine products, as well as spare parts and many of the tools and machines used in the factory itself.

To make the manufacturing process more efficient, the Sunshine works was divided into many departments, or ‘shops’. Each relied on workers with specific skills, and specialised materials and equipment.

Follow the navigation links on the left or click on the hotspots to explore the works as it was in the 1920s and 1930s. Visit some of the departments and see the workers who built the Sunshine stripper harvester.

Plan Sheet Metal Department Timber yard Packing shop Assembly floor Paint Dip Bulk store Bolt shop Black smiths' shop Foundry: mould making Foundry: pouring steel Core shop Binder canvas shop

The original floor plan

To have a closer look at the original floor plan, click on the image.

A black and white photo of several man inside a factory in 1918 packing harvester combs, comb teeth, wheels and other parts into shipping crates.
Harvester combs, comb teeth, wheels and other parts being packed ready to be shipped, 1918. Courtesy: Museum Victoria.