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Compulsory conference - transcript

Excerpt from the Adelaide Advertiser, 23 March 1911

Excerpt from the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper, 23 March 1911
National Library of Australia



Melbourne, March 22.

Complete failure has attended the compulsory conference summoned by Mr. Justice Higgins, president of the Federal Arbitration Court, to deal with the implement makers' strike. To-morrow the strike enters upon its fifth week with the sides as far apart as when the dispute arose.

The conference was fully attended tonight and all concerned went into his honour's chambers convinced that a practical compromise would be arrived at. The breaking paint came through a demand from the men's representatives that the employers should recognise the union's shop stewards and pay attention to complaints by them. A compromise might have been made after perseverance with the other proposed terms of settlement, in which little separated the two sides. The employers however, refused to recognise the union or its stewards in any way, and the conference was dissolved as abortive.

The union leaders said they intended to cite the employers to the Arbitration Court if the matter does not come before the court through the direction of the registrar.