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1 March - Strike meeting at the tennis court

Word went around among the strikers that a meeting was being called at the Sunshine tennis court. The union executive, which had not authorised the meeting, branded the organisers disloyal. It encouraged its members to go to Sunshine in force to discover the identity of the ‘traitors’ and to show employers that they would stand firm to their principles.

On the morning of 1 March, over 300 strikers met at Sunshine for the meeting. At the train station, a group of 50–60 people encouraged strikers alighting from the train to stay away from the tennis court. Union president J Skehan addressed the crowd at the meeting and identified the organiser as a disaffected striker, labelling his actions as contrary to the union’s cause.

Excerpt from the Footscray Advertiser, 4 March 1911

Excerpt from the Footscray Advertiser newspaper 4 March 1911 reporting on the announcement that a meeting of union members would be held at the Sunshine tennis courts
National Library of Australia
Sunshine railway station
The railway station at Sunshine, 1924
Public Record Office of Victoria
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